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Services: Services

Manpower & Equipment

We have international crew for positions such as riggers, welders, fitters and senior construction positions. Our diversified crew are trained and each personnel are specially selected for the project based on their fit and expertise.

We provide, chain, wire, polyester, connection systems, buoys, anchors, ancor components, i.e. all your needs for mooring everything from the surface to the seabed.


Engineering Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for Mooring systems, SURF & Subsea, Marine Systems, Naval Architecture, Structural Design, Marine Operations, and Offshore Installation.

We are able to provide Project Management Services, Project Control Services, Procurement Services, Contracting Strategies and Risk Management.

Engineering Design

We have the expertise and systems to provide the full suite of engineering and management services from Front End Engineering to Detail Execution.

We use Network Science as a novel approach for making decisions with the highest probability of success in early-stage design.

Examples of facilities and services include Minimum Facilities Platforms (topside facilities and substructure)​, Subsea Facilities, Control Systems, Floating Buoy Systems.​

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